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What's wrong with layouts that use table tags?

The easiest way to layout a page is to use <TABLE> tags along with its corresponding <TR> & <TD>, but everyone should know that what's easiest may not always be the best. Tables are great for spreadsheet use, and other statistical data; so developers and designers thought they were clever and incorporated these table tags for the entire layout of the page. The problems with this method can include the following:

  • Slow rendering of the page due to excessive codes
  • Search-engines ignoring or cutting off content within
  • Incompatibility with devices & some browser versions
  • Messy and complex code-readability
  • Time consuming if we were to change the site's layout for multiple pages

CSS technology allows for reduction of the excessive code so pages load faster. Search engines (and humans) are more likely to recognize the content. The pages can be setup to display and fit properly for printers, handheld devices, braille readers, and your screen, all at the same time. We can easily change the layout of multiple pages using a single set of changes, rather than repeating our changes for each page.