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Common programming languages

Along with our favorite Perl/CGI for server-side functions, we use JavaScript for client-side functions as well.

PHP is another Perl-like language that can be written directly in an HTML file with extensions as .PHP rather than .HTML or similar. With proper extensions, the browser knows how to handle the content.

Visual Basic, ASP and ASP.net are specifically for Windows based servers and have the option to work either client or server-side.

Oracle, MySQL/SQL, DBI, DB2 and ODBC are relational databases that store various data. Additionally, the above programming languages can interact with them to add, remove, modify and perform many other functions.

What is the purpose of programming

Let's say you want to display today's date & time on your page - this requires a small bit of programming. You can either use Javascript (client-side) which reads your computer's time and displays it or you can use CGI, PHP or other server-side program to read from the server or other fixed source for a more accurate and consistent time (if programmed correctly).

Programming is mostly used to transfer information. Whether it's the common contact forms, the complex array of shopping programs and product management tools, a great photo gallery or other possible automated tasks, programming is the only way to provide a dynamic web experience.