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Shortcuts using the Keyboard

Most of you should be familiar with the Cut and Paste shortcut, right?
Just in case, that's the [Ctrl]+[X] to cut or [Ctrl]+[C] to copy. Be sure to highlight the text to be cut or copied first, then use the keyboard shortcut.
To paste the text you have just copied, select a spot to paste it into and press [Ctrl]+[V].
Copy and Paste text here:

Here are other shortcuts that are commonly used:
[Ctrl]+[A] to Select All.
[Ctrl]+[F] to Find Text.
[Ctrl]+[P] to Print.
[Ctrl]+[N] to open a New Window.
[Ctrl]+[T] to open a New Tab.
[Alt]+[F4] to Close any open/active window (be careful with this one).

[F3] to Search.
[F5] to Refresh a page.
[F11] for Full screen & again to resize back.

There are a variety of other key strokes for different folks. Companies have also developed their own set of shortcuts for their software. Websites may also utilize shortcuts for navigation by pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+['letter'].